“Into the Wild” – Making the Movie Review Sausage

If the title of this post sounds a little strange, that’s because what you’re about to experience is a bit strange.

We’ve all read or watched or listened to people reviewing movies; they’re always (well, often, anyway) professionally done, well-considered, logically argued, and presented to you for your consumption and consideration.

Well, do you suppose that those reviews simply manifest themselves fully formed, like Athena from Zeus’ skull? No. There is a lot of thought and consideration, even discussion, that goes into settling on a “final” review.

Here now, possibly for the first time, you can get a peek into how those discussions progress from “Let’s talk about movie “X”, through tangential distractions about directors, writers, studios, completely unrelated movies, and the dog walking past the window, to finally settling at, “so what did you think of movie X, really?”

This began as a test of technology and process, of me learning how to make all this work, and is simply two movie guys, starting with a discussion of Suicide Squad, ending with a discussion of Star Trek: Beyond, and all of the associated considerations that go into thinking about this movie or that movie (of which there are many).

What follows here, with the exception of some deleted, idle, chit-chat at the beginning and end, is the RAW audio, detailing the path from point A to point B, with some scheduled (and a whole bunch of unscheduled) detours along the way. It was never intending to be released into the wild, but I figured, what the heck.

I learned a lot from this, and, flaws aside, I hope you enjoy it.


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