“Rogue One” Trailer

Apparently, there’s some science fiction movie coming out this December?

I don’t know.

Here’s the trailer, if you haven’t seen it yet:

This official trailer expands on the teaser from a few weeks ago. Here, we get much more of Felicity Jones’ character and her choice to take on the monumental task of stealing the plans to a heretofore unknown weapon: a little pea-shooter called the Death Star.

Much as when Episodes I-III were released, we know the general thrust of the story. Unlike when Episodes I-III were released, this one looks to be pretty good.

It’s nice to see the “classic” stormtroopers again, along with the all-too-familiar weapons of the Empire, such as the AT-AT’s and Tie Fighters (although those didn’t seem to change much by Episode VIII).

The weaponry of the nascent Rebellion hasn’t quite reached the pinnacle of achievement that would become the X-Wing fighter, of course, but it still looks pretty good.

It almost seems that this is the point in time when the Rebellion is truly born: when a convict/criminal/outcast can find something in it so worth fighting for that she can inspire others to join her in what will likely be a suicide mission.

It’s nice to see that kind of story consideration, after the quasi-retread that was Episode VIII.

Now, from a fanboy perspective:

Hyperspace! Wheeeee!!!!

All of the callbacks to the original trilogy are to be expected because it takes place so close to Episode IV, but, based on this trailer, they don’t feel overdone.

The ever versatile Alan Tudyk’s droid sounds more than a bit like Sonny from I, Robot. But, I suppose there are only X number of ways to verbally portray a blandly artificial intelligence.

Although, I did find the “chance of failure” comment to be more than a throwback to 3,720-to-1 remark from C-3P0 in the asteroid field sequence from The Empire Strikes Back.

I’m not going to swoon over the closing shot of the back of Darth Vader, because, frankly, he had to be in it. At this point in the continuity, the Emperor is some far-off, amorphous idea of a ruler, whereas Vader is the face of the Empire.

Overall, I think we’re going to be okay, people.

Can’t wait until December.



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