“Arrival” – Movie Trailer


If you haven’t yet seen the trailer for the upcoming Paramount movie Arrival, starring Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner, and Forest Whitaker…


This baby look phenomenal.

Finally, it looks like we’re going a get a real, hard look at the scientific and philosophical side of “first contact.”

Currently slated for Release on November 11, this movie just jumped up near the top of my “must-see” list.

Language, a topic near and dear to my heart, is at the center of the film, being a necessary step to whether or not our interactions with the visitors will be one of peace or war.

And war with aliens almost always really means the complete destruction of humanity.

From the trailer, it seems that the military, here embodied by Forest Whitaker, isn’t a stereotypical “shoot-first” kind of organization. It’s nice to see that kind of respect come out of a big Hollywood production. I hope that it stays that way.

Director Dennis Villeneuve, known for directing Sicario, Prisoners, and Enemy, is also on tap to helm the Blade Runner sequel. I’m not sure how I feel about that project, in general, but I like what he’s done up till now, so maybe…..

Anyway, I saw this trailer and just wanted to pass it along to you all.

Have a great weekend!


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