My New Project: It’s “Visually Stunning”

As you may have seen in another post (or posts), I am now part of a podcast, the Visually Stunning Movie Podcast, in which we discuss movies, current and recent, along with movie-related news.


Well, when I say “part of,” I mean that it was my idea. I conceived it. I edit it. I wanted to do it, because, as fun as writing up movies reviews is, the act of talking about a movie with someone adds an entirely different dynamic to how that movie gets evaluated.

We all see and experience movies differently, and that’s what can get lost in the printed word. When I write my reviews, I always try to look at it from both sides, critic and casual movie goer, and I think that I am actually pretty good at it.

The problem, such as it is, is that both of those people are still me.

But if you bring in another person, now you are building a review instead of filtering a review through just your own sense of self, if you get my meaning.

My partner in crime, Jason, didn’t really think that he would be very good at this, but he’s better than he thought, as I suspected he would be when I asked him to join in the first place.

I am hopeful that the third member of our group will be able to join us soon, as his professional schedule makes it a bit dodgy for him to be available when we record. He’s the “real” movie critic, and I think that, once we work out the scheduling, he will provide a great counter-balance to Jason, with me as the movie-fan-literature-major stuck in the middle, trying to see all the angles.

Oh, and in case you missed it, the “Visually Stunning” name? That’s a nod to a remark I made a while ago about movie reviews in which a film is hailed as “visually stunning,” which is reviewer speak for “it looks good, but that’s about it.”

Kind of like a realtor calling a house “quaint.” We all know what that means.

So, if the best thing a reviewer can say about a movie is that it’s “visually stunning,” or if that is the blurb the studio chooses for the poster, then you can pretty much guess that the movie is not going to be that good.

So Like us on facebook and follow us on twitter (@vsmoviepodcast). We will have a permanent server soon, at which time we should be making it onto iTunes so you can subscribe. Right now, back episodes are available at, just search for “Visually Stunning Movie Podcast” and you’ll find us.

I hope you listen. I hope you like it. I hope you share it.

I’m not going to stop doing what I’m doing here, of course. The podcast is just another outlet. So don’t fret yourselves.

I’m not going anywhere.

Catch you around the shadow.


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