Cleaning the clutter.

I started cleaning my office. I’ve started this process several times, and every time I am amazed that I have kept so much stuff.

Most amazingly, though, is the amount of paper that I have collected. Old college papers and writing projects, eating up huge amounts of space, never having a real home, just being shuffles from box to box, bag to bag, shelf to shelf…

Enter, the brown grocery bag.

Paper goes in bag. Bag goes in recycle can outside.

It hurts.

It’s hard to get rid of things. Memories, mementos, whatever you want to call those things, put down roots and tendrils throughout our hearts and minds, especially if it is something we’ve created, and not just something that we’ve acquired.

So, not only am I cleaning the physical clutter, but maybe I’m purging some of the psychological clutter, as well.


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