~~The Utah State Fair~~is a Great State Fair~~

The 8 billionth annual Utah State Fair ends today (Sunday), so the wife and I decided to go check it out yesterday, as we hadn’t gone in a few years.

You know the great thing about state/county fairs?

That’s RIGHT! They never, ever change.

They are exactly the same from year to year, except for whatever musical acts have fallen far enough down (or barely risen high enough) to make playing a fair a viable career move.

You get the same rows of vendors hawking wares cheap and foreign, professional and expensive, and pointlessly hokey.


You get buildings full of pigs,

pigs-2 pigs-1

buildings full of cows, both big


and small,


buildings full of bunnies,


sheep and goats,



and cheesy carnival rides designed to make you puke up your overpriced (yet oddly delicious) fair food, which is mostly deep fried something, up to and including deep fried fryer grease, apparently.


You can play manipulated carnival games run by fourth generation carny hucksters battling (barely) their meth addictions in order to “win” an over-valued stuffed animal.

This little guy is about 16 inches tall, so that’s one big gourd!

Yes, it’s a wonderful time, and the perfect way to cap summer and welcome the fall season.

Of course, fall means holidays, like Halloween, and nothing says “State Fair” like a haunted house!


Happy Fall, everybody! Enjoy yourself!



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