Meet the New Con…


In an outstanding move, Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo has announced a name change.


It will henceforth be known as Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con.

Although I will miss the uniqueness of Comikaze, I think it’s a great change, which will put the emphasis clearly on what the event is about, even for the three people on the planet who have no idea who Stan Lee is.

Ironically, it also makes use of the still-contested words “comic con,” which leads me to believe that either there is an announcement pending regarding the lawsuit between Comic Con International (San Diego) and Salt Lake Comic Con, or the newly christened LACC just doesn’t care, and feels like it’s inevitable that the lawsuit will be thrown out.

[It’s Stan’s event, so I’ll bet he doesn’t care. Seriously, my money is still–and has been from the start–that the whole thing gets thrown out eventually.]

So, Huzzah and Excelsior! I am glad to be headed to LA, once again, to cover this outstanding event for the 4th consecutive year. I hope to be there for many more. There is a great vibe to the event, and the celebrity list is always pretty well-rounded, with someone for everyone.

If you haven’t been, and you’re in the area, I cannot recommend this enough, but I’ll bet I slip for a while and call it “Comikaze” from time to time.

See you for Halloween!

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