“Ash vs Evil Dead” Season 2, Episode 4

I just finished watching episode 4 of Ash vs Evil Dead, and was struck by a couple of little things.

First, I laughed my ass off when Ash mentioned the strippers at “Mammary Lane” we’re getting rashes on their “hootchie-ma-cooters.” Granted, that was a lie to get Chet to help him track down the Delta, but still.

I think that pretty much sums up Ash’s attitude towards women.

Second, but ever so much more important, was the fact that Chet’s (played by the fabulous Ted Raimi, who I will get to see this weekend at Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con) radio in the Gremlin was blasting out that “hit single” from Doug and Bob McKenzie, “Take Off” featuring the inimitable vocal stylings of the great Geddy Lee.


Whose idea was that? Who’s the closet Rush fan on the writing staff?


Ash vs Evil Dead on Starz.

Watch it.


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