“Legends of Tomorrow” Season 1

I just finished watching season 1 of Legends of Tomorrow.

Only 627 more TV shows to catch up on.

Anyway, I wanted to put down some thoughts about how I felt about the show and what it’s doing.


First, there is what the cast of Star Trek used to call “spaceship acting.” Hokey, but effective, I suppose. But the WaveRider is pretty cool. And Gideon is a bit sassy, to boot.

Wentworth Miller as Snart/Captain Cold… barely tolerable in the small doses of him I got watching The Flash, but here, it’s too much. It’s way too campy, to James Cagney gangster. Annoying as all hell.

Carter/Hawkman? Effectively, a wasted character. Show up, bring Hawkgirl, die, show up at end. Meh.

Hawkgirl? Relegated to damsel in distress for most of season 1.

Ray Palmer/The Atom? The Atom was probably my favorite DC comics character back in the day, but Brandon Routh’s version? Worse than he was in Arrow. It’s like they devolved him into a twelve-year-old. Constantly chipper like he’s on really good meds. I’d rather hang around with Snart, and you just read how I feel about him.

Sara Lance/White Canary? 100% ass-kicking, as usual. And probably the most human of the bunch.

Mick Rory/Heat Wave? I didn’t really care for him until he became Chronos. Then shit got real.

Firestorm? While I was hesitant about the replacement of Ronnie, I think Jax is going to work out just fine.

Rip Hunter? Thoroughly unlikable and abrasive. And yet, instantly likable.

Really, this was a pretty average series of television until the last 2-3 episodes. More than a bit derivative/inspired by other shows, it wasn’t until the (all-too) predictable twist was revealed that it started to get good.

I will be interested to see how season 2 shakes out, now that the crew is in charge of making their own missions and decisions.

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