Salt Lake Comic Con does it again

After watching the fans squirm in withdrawal upon learning that there would not be a FanX event in 2017 due to scheduling and other conflicts, Dan Farr and Bryan Brandenburg have, not altogether unexpectedly, pulled a rabbit out the their hat.


There will be a FanX in 2017. Over St. Patrick’s Day weekend.

St. Patrick’s is March 17. That’s a Friday.

So we’re looking at a possible Friday, Saturday, Sunday event, maybe kicked off with a Cosplay Pub Crawl?

(Edit: Bummer. Bryan announced that the event will NOT be on Sunday.)

Okay, that last bit’s my idea, but really, why wouldn’t we do that?

Tickets go on sale at Noon on Friday, November 4. Details to come on Wednesday, 2 November.

I’ll keep everyone informed as I get it.

Oh, and in case everyone has forgotten, The Dark Tower opens in February, Lego Batman and John Wick 2 open February 10th, and Logan opens March 3rd.

I’m just saying… some nice guests in there for Dan and Bryan to think about

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