Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con – Day 1

The end of a very long day, to be sure.

After arriving in LA at the bright and early hour of 8 am Pacific time, we managed to do a bit of sight-seeing, running up to the Griffith Observatory, got some photos of the Hollywood sign, visited the La Brea tar pits, and saw the Watts Tower art park before checking into our hotel and heading over to the LA Convention Center to pick up credentials and wait with thousands of other fans for the doors to open at 5pm.


But… fans weren’t allowed in the doors until well after 5 pm. Closer to 5:20, actually. But more on that later.

Once inside, all the wonder and merriment that one would expect from an event of this magnitude was laid out before me. Vendors, artists, and cosplayers galore.

Today was a short day, running only from 5 (-ish… see above) to 9pm, when in years past Friday was a mostly all day affair. This year, they shortened it and made it shopping only, so no autographs or photo ops.

Speaking of autographs and photo ops…

My wife had wanted to get her copy of Cary Elwes book signed, so I pre-purchased an autograph for her. As required, I went over to exchange the QR code for the necessary ticket so she could complete her autograph experience tomorrow.

Standing in line at the booths for “Autograph and Photo Sales & Redemption” for over half an hour, I tried to decide if there were any other autographs or photos I might want to buy while I was there. Turns out, I needn’t have bothered. It was announced at around 6:15 or so that NO SALES were going to be done today, only redemption of pre-bought items. Any autographs could be purchased at celebrities’ tables starting tomorrow, and that photo ops would go on sale tomorrow morning at 9am.

Lots of angry people. Add to that the fact that line management for the booth was non-existent, resulting in multiple lines of increasing length and complexity, resulting in confusion as to who was lined up where.

Oh, and the lateness getting in the door? Organizers were apparently, based on comments from multiple vendors, still rolling out the carpet in the aisles at 5pm. Wow.

Anyway, more to come, but its the end of a very long day, and I’m tired.

We’ll see how tomorrow works out.

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