Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con – Day 2

Well, Day 2 of Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con went better than the first. Although, if you read yesterday’s post, you’d know that wasn’t going to be too high a bar to clear.


What were the highlights of today?

Well, my wife got Cary Elwes to sign his book (“As You Wish”). He’s very nice and personable. Chatted with us for longer than he probably should have, and when he learned we had come in from Salt Lake City, he told us how great he thought the area was and how much he had enjoyed his visit to our Comic Con. Hope we can have him back one day.

My wife got an autograph from Shannon Purser, aka “Barb” from Stranger Things. Poor Barb… she shall be missed.

I got an autograph and photo with Shantel VanSanten from The Flash. Turns out, she’s from the Houston area, so we chatted briefly about how I lived in Spring during high school. Pretty cool.


I don’t know if I’ll get to visit with any of the other cast members (Teddy Sears, Candice Patton, and Danielle Panabaker), because they were pretty busy once the day got going (and Danielle was only here for today), but I hope we can have some of them up to Salt Lake’s event in the future.

I made another, now traditional, visit to Marilyn Ghigliotti’s table. @thatclerksgirl was wonderful, as always, and I got to chat with her about her latest project, Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter, and the still-in-pre-production Kevin Smith project, Clerks 3. When I get back to an actual computer, I’ll get that video edited and posted.

I also got to meet Jen and Sylvia Soska (aka, the @twisted_twins), who also graciously spent a few minutes talking with me about their film American Mary (read my review of that film HERE), as well as their upcoming projects. I look forward to enjoying even more of their catalog in the future.


Again, when I get to a machine with some processing power, I’ll post that video, as well.

I also attended a press meeting with the creators (Adam Nussdorf and David Eick) and star (Burkely Duffield) of the upcoming Freeform (formerly ABC Family) series, Beyond. A very nice session, talking about how it’s not a superhero show, and their hopes for the show. I then got to see the premiere episode. It definitely shows promise, and I will be interested to see how it develops after it’s premiere on January 2. Again, video to follow.

Oh, hey; on a lighter note, we also got to meet Grumpy Cat. She was apparently very sleepy. Cats… go figure.


Tomorrow is the Con Man panel, and I hold out hope of a really great “get” concerning that one. More to follow.

Anyway, while Day 2 was pretty long, it was a good day overall, and one I feel rather satisfied with myself about.

Talk to you tomorrow.


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