Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con 2016 – Freeform Television’s “Beyond”

And another one from


This one was a small group press event (5 outlets at a time) with the writer (Adam Nussdorf), star (Burkely Duffield), and show-runner (David Eick) to discuss the Freeform network’s upcoming show, Beyond.


The trailer can be seen here:

The interview was pretty wide-ranging, and informative, as you can see below, and everyone seems genuinely enthusiastic about what they’re trying to do with the show, so that bodes well.

You can find my thoughts on the premiere episode below the interview.

So the show itself seems promising, even though I feel that it kind of hews to its roots in the history that is the ABC Family Channel. I’m not saying that it’s some touchy-feely, uber family-friendly show, but I just get that feel from it.

The fun part of the show is the definite fish out of water aspect of Holden (Duffield) learning to operate in 2016 after 12 years in a coma. So much of what we take for granted is completely alien, and while it is an often-used trope, it really kind of brings home how much the world has changed so recently. Add into that the inevitable “learning to drive” scene, how he deals with the opposite sex (hint: he doesn’t), and Beyond plays as a delayed coming-of-age story.

The more mysterious side of the show lies in what exactly happened while Holden was in his coma, and how/why/what his abilities mean, along with the competing groups of people vying for his loyalty in the face of whatever is to come.

So I am cautiously optimistic, based on my interaction with the show-runners and star, along with what I saw in the premiere episode, that Beyond has the potential to be the kind of tent-pole show that a rebranding network could want. It has cross-generational appeal and is a bit of a genre-defying show.

I will be interested to see how they develop this concept going forward.

I’m going to tell you to watch it and see for yourself.

Beyond premieres on Freeform on January 2, 2017.


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