Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con 2016 – Tying up the loose ends

Hey, everybody! I owe you all a bit of an apology. I was so busy after getting home from Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con last week putting up the various interviews I did and whatnot, then having to play catch-up on the podcast (the Visually Stunning Movie Podcast: check it out), that I never actually wrapped up my coverage of this event.

I know, I know… I did wrap-ups for days 1 and 2, but I always try to do a final, comprehensive post to just tie up the loose ends and let you know where I stand.

So, where to begin?

Well, let’s start with a completely bitchin’ cosplay for all you Game of Thrones fans?

The Hound - Stan Lee's LA Comic Con 2016

This guy is HUGE. I didn’t get his picture the day prior, but he was the hound dressed as Colonel Sanders carrying around a bucket of chicken. Too funny!

I also went to the Con Man panel with PJ Haarsma, Alan Tudyk, Casper Van Dien, and Liam McIntyre and saw the trailer for Season 2 of that great show. Can’t wait. You can see my brief chat with PJ in a previous post.

Did the Freeform network’s Beyond presser and premiere. Also very cool.

Stan Lee did a great panel, as always.

Seriously, this event keeps getting better and better. This is its sixth year, and while it’s not as big as my home event here in Salt Lake, it does have to compete with the convention that shall not be named, along with WonderCon and countless other events in the Los Angeles area, which makes the press release below that much more impressive.

Pay attention to the attendance numbers.

More of my stuff below the release.

LOS ANGELES (November 2, 2016) – LA’s biggest Pop-Culture celebration unfolded this weekend when a record-setting 91,000 people donned their capes, wings, armor, Star Trek uniforms and Harley Quinn hammers to attend Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con at the LA Convention Center. From Mayor Eric Garcetti’s historic ribbon cutting with Stan Lee, to its epic closing that raised significant funds for the Boyle Heights Arts Conservatory, Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con has officially become LA’s largest pop culture celebration.

The event’s humble beginnings began in 2011 when young entrepreneur Regina Carpinelli and her brothers saw a need for an annual comic book convention in Los Angeles. Its incredible inaugural success turned it into something much more “than your friendly neighborhood Con” when Stan Lee’s POW! Entertainment joined as a partner in 2012.

Not only have the fans responded by growing in attendance by at least 20% each year – so too have the exhibitors and special guests. Luke Cage’s Mike Colter joined this year’s event, along with Adam West, Alan Tudyk, Mike Tyson, Lance Henriksen, Gerard Way, Kevin Smith, Neal Adams, Rob Liefeld, Dan Harmon, Cary Elwes and many more. Along with hundreds of booths and panels, North America’s largest traveling film festival, GeekFest, concluded its year-long campaign of visiting cons across the continent. Some of the world’s best cosplayers, make-up artists and prop makers amazed attendees when they competed on-stage at the Cosplay, Make-Up and Prop Making National Championships. Families from across SoCal enjoyed an unforgettable trick-or-treating experience at LA’s Ultimate Trick-or-Treat. Courtesy of Guitar Center, a coveted Gibson Flying V electric guitar signed by Stan Lee, Rob Liefeld and Marc Silvestri, was auctioned off for $1,500 to benefit the Boyle Heights Arts Conservatory.

“Watching our show unfold amidst a growing community of amazing fans has truly been an honor. Old friends, new faces and plenty of surprises has made 2016 our best year yet,” said Regina Carpinelli, Founder of Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con. “We appreciate the support of our vendors, exhibitors and sponsors in contributing to this year’s unprecedented success.”

“Los Angeles has proven itself once again as the world capital of entertainment with the unparalleled achievement of L.A. Comic Con,” said Keith Tralins, CEO of Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con. “With thanks to the Man himself, Stan Lee, for being LA’s true believer, we are excited to continue building our legacy in the many years to come.”

So, after a shaky start on Friday afternoon, I think the event kind of leveled out a bit. It does bear stating that the one area that seemed to be the most lacking throughout the weekend was just line management inside in the autograph/photo areas. There didn’t seen to be any kind of overall plan for some reason. The previous three years I’ve attended that was never an issue AT ALL. I’m not sure exactly what happened this time around, but I have no reason to think that this issue won’t be corrected for next time.

I plan to be there, so I’ll let you know.

Ready for Salt Lake FanX in March. Bring it on!

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