FanX 2017 – Tick-Tock – Time For Discount Tickets Is Almost Over

The 2017 Salt Lake Comic Con FanX is just around the corner, and the ridiculously low prices for tickets is about to expire.

 The 30% Off for all “Loyalty Launch” buyers end on Monday, November 28, at 11:59pm MST. And for military, students, first responders, and teachers, you can get an ADDITIONAL 15% off (which doesn’t expire), which makes a VIP pass just $105!

[I know, because that’s what I bought.]

Also, Dan and Bryan have introduced Autograph Vouchers (similar to photo vouchers) this time around, so for every VIP or Gold pass you buy, you get FREE AUTOGRAPHS (2 up to $100 for VIP, or 1 up to $50 for Gold)!

Which, if you do the math, means that my VIP pass will have cost me $5.

Five. Dollars.

For admission to a 2-day event of the caliber that Dan and Bryan have continually produced for us here in Salt Lake City. And a T-shirt, a collectible badge, and a poster.

Yeah. I’ll take some of that action.

With the Kidcon section, the assuredly awesome guests still to be announced, lots of panel contents, great vendors and artists, there is going to be something there for everyone.

Again, I ask: what are you waiting for?

Get your tickets NOW. Click —> HERE


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