“Raiders of the Lost Ark”

You know, the older I get, more I watch some great, classic movies again and again.

Nobody is going to debate, truthfully, that Raiders of the Lost Ark isn’t a classic, a true masterpiece. But it’s on Syfy right now, and either just realized it or have been successfully blocking it out for years now, but there is a horrible logic problem with this movie.

I’m sure someone else has pointed it out before now, somewhere, but when Indiana Jones gets to the map room, trying to locate the Well of Souls, where the Ark of the Covenant is hidden, and which the Nazi’s have already done (incorrectly),


just looking at the scale model representation of the city and you could guess 1-2 of the most likely spots to begin your search, and yet the Nazis went with one that doesn’t even look as impressive as the actual location. To make matters worse, they operate with no backup plan, simply stopping digging at any other site except the one they have identified.

Pride? Maybe. More like the hubris of Belloq, convinced he is correct, despite the fact that he hedged his bets with the Nazis by saying “promising” and “all available information” or whatever?

But, really, shouldn’t he have kept even some other diggers busy in other locations? If not for the Ark, but for the likely find of other priceless antiquities, especially with a limitless army of diggers at his disposal because of the Nazis?

So… that’s what I’ve been thinking about tonight. It just bothered me.

Still love the movie, though.

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