Car Troubles

Nothing too major (thankfully) to report here, just thought I’d share yesterday’s vehicular debacle.

Yesterday morning, I got up, got ready for work, went outside, started the car, started driving…

Do you know how far you can drive in the morning before really noticing something important like, oh, say, the fact that your entire dashboard is dark?

For me, at six in the morning, it turns out that it’s two residential blocks.

“Why can’t I see my dashboard?”

Went back to the house, because it would be unsafe to drive like that, duh. I had headlights (that were ON whether or not I had the switch ON), but no turn signals, interior lights, etc, and I had no idea if the car was about to freaking explode or not.

Decided NOT to go into work, so I called in and began my troubleshooting on the good ol’ internet. Found a likely cause, then called the MINI dealer to see if the car was safe to drive down there. No Check Engine light, no problem.

Drove it down, and they took it right into the bay, troubleshot for an hour or so, then confirmed my internet diagnosis of a bad Body Control Module, aka: Footwell Module, so named for its location in the side of the driver’s footwell.

An hour to replace, a little over two to program, and Mal the MINI is back on the road. Oh, once I settled the pesky $900 bill, of course.

But the really impressive part of this is that they did all of this without an appointment. No mean feat, given how busy they normally are.

Regardless, I have my car back, and all is, for the moment, well. Which is great, especially given Mal’s history.

It’s a pre-Christmas miracle!


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