Christmas 2016

So it’s Christmas Eve day, and while I should be writing up posts for you all to enjoy, I’ve decided to take the long weekend to myself: no writing, no editing, no nothing except relaxing and recharging, watching movies and television shows which are long overdue.

I should do a review of Assassin’s Creed for you, which I saw yesterday, but that will have to wait.

I could tell you what I thought about Netflix’s Luke Cage, since we finished watching that yesterday (finally). But not right now.

So many things, but frankly, my mind isn’t in them right now, and you wouldn’t really be getting anything close to my best. Just know that those two things, at least, will get ginned up sometime next week, hopefully at a quality we can all live with.

I hope you all enjoy your holiday week. Enjoy your family and friends if you are lucky enough to be seeing them, and be safe.

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