Netflix Original – “The OA”

I know I was going to take the holiday weekend off, but I have to write this now…

Netflix, home of the incredible Stranger Things, dropped another original series not long ago: The OA.

Watched it in 2 days, and here’s what I think.

  1. A hostage story worthy of “The Collector.”
  2. Great cinematography and better than average acting across the board.
  3. A nice recovery tale between The OA and the Five.
  4. A great supporting cast of characters (and actors to play them).
  5. Mixed with a finely ground sprinkling of pseudo-metaphysical bullshit.

Not even HALF as good as Stranger Things. Not even close.

Too bad you have to sit through all eight episodes to realize it.

I don’t even want to talk about it any more.

And you know how much I love to hear myself talk…

THAT’S how terrible I think it was.


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