I’m not really sure how I happen to find and watch all these not-mainstream movies, but I do enjoy watching about 98% of them, because I like an idea or character or setting or something.

There is that 2%, though….

I hate when I find those.

Regardless, this is in the 98%.

From IMDB:


Pandorica revolves around the leadership trials of The Varosha Tribe. Eiren, Ares and Thade are all in line to lead the next generation of their people. Only one of them will become leader but who will it be? Pandorica is an edge of your seat action horror that keeps the twists coming thick and fast.

Directed/Written by: Tom Paton

Cast: Jade Hobday (Jade-Fenix Hobday), Marc Zammit, Adam Bond, Luke D’Silva, Bentley Kalu, Amed Hashimi, Laura Marie Howard

Though the world-building here is rather limited (really limited, actually), the concept of a change of leadership in a tribal society is solid enough, so I’m down for this.

The three candidates are minimally explored, except to establish their places in the hierarchy of possible succession.

And what would a leadership field-trip be without a threat from the outside? Yep: nothing at all.

The production value on Pandorica is surprisingly good, considering its budget was only ~75,000 pounds. It is at least on par with a Syfy channel production, and in some ways higher. The acting is also pretty good, despite what feels like some native-speaking-language issues.

Jade Hobday (or Jade-Fenix Hobday) is a model, and I believe this is only her second feature length film. She does have a presence about her, which makes her character, Eiren, a bit more relatable as the outcast in the tribe. Marc Zammit is good as her leadership-potentiate rival, Ares, portraying his brash belief in the inevitability of his succession as both confident and dickish. A good combo for this character.

All in all, I’d recommend Pandorica to fans of post-apocalyptic film. Is it a perfect film? Heck, no, but I had some fun watching it, and you just might, too.

Pandorica is available on Amazon Video (free with prime).

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