Holy buckets. So many THINGS.

I am trying, for the umpteenth* time, to impose some sort of order on my office.

What I am learning, unfortunately, is that I seem to have a predisposition to hoard stuff.

How many little “things” do I need to have?

How much random paper of varying importance?

How many books? Okay, books are different, but only just.

And I still need to get rid of some…


But, sadly, its so hard to just throw stuff away, especially when you can convince (read: fool) yourself that you can find someone that wants “it” or that you can sell “it” on ebay.

Humanity, for all its advances through the ages, seems to retain the predominant “gatherer” gene from our days as hunter/gatherers.

Now, I have to hunt it all down, gather it all up, and decide how to kill it.


* Umpteenth is a unit of measurement, somewhere more than several, but less than a fuck-full.



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