I’m tired today…

I’m tired of listening to everyone in this country talk.

I’m tired of those Democrats who called Republicans crazy for believing Obama would institute Sharia law, take their guns, and establish FEMA “re-education” camps, who are now exposing their hypocrisy by screaming about how Trump is going to outlaw same-sex marriage, or round-up and execute or “re-educate” gay people. It didn’t happen; it won’t happen.

I’m tired of Republicans gloating about the Trumps victory (while working against him during the election), after savaging Democrats 4 and 8 years ago for rubbing their noses in Obama’s victories. I’m tired of Democrats whining now the way a lot of Republicans did then. It’s juvenile on the one side, and unprofessional on the other. Trump won. Get to work. Do your jobs.

I’m tired of hearing about how 2.7 million popular votes for Hillary should somehow magically rewrite the Constitutional process for electing the president. She lost. Get over it. She cheated, and she still lost.

I’m embarrassed by the pettiness of some 60 Democrats “boycotting” the inauguration today like petulant kindergarteners. If they don’t want to play, they can resign. If they have no time for America, Americans have no time for them.

I’m tired of BOTH PARTIES still failing to understand that Trump got elected in part because neither of them was even paying attention to anyone outside of New York, California, or Washington, D.C.. Refuse to learn that lesson at your own peril. Americans are tired of being an afterthought to special interests, other nations, and illegal aliens.

I’m tired.

I’m tired because I know this vitriol won’t end today. It will linger on and on, just as it did during the Obama years, helping nothing, accomplishing nothing but ensuring the next election will be just another race to an even lower bottom.

And it will be up to the average American, again, to try to make Washington understand.

But they won’t.


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