Yay, me! Uh-oh.

After failing to be credentialed media for Wizard Con in Las Vegas last year, I have been approved for Portland in… THREE WEEKS!?


Holy crap!

While I made hotel reservations months ago in (blind) anticipation, now I have to actually GET THERE in a timely (and affordable) manner. Luckily, it’s over the Presidents’ Day weekend, so I have the extra Monday to play with, but everyone knows that last-minute (ish) plane tickets are often scare, and mostly priced up. Plus food, etc., etc.


And: UH-OH!

So, if you’ve ever considered helping me out with what I’m doing here, now is the time. Click HERE to see how you can help me, and if you do, I’ll give you a shout out from Portland on Facebook live, or YouTube, or something.

But for now, it’s back to the grindstone for me…


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