Final Pre-Wizard World Portland update (for me, at least)

Well, about 120 hours from now, I should have landed in Portland for their 2017 Wizard World Comic Con.


Approximately 51 and a half hours later, I’ll be flying out to return to Salt Lake City.

I am currently trying to decide how to maximize my ability to gather photo/video/audio and post updates while I’m there, without dragging a bunch of stuff I don’t need to haul around for such a quick turn-around.

My direct media contact with the celebrities will be curtailed by the rules that make a good portion of them unapproachable during the event (“Not available for press”), but I have requested some time with a couple that haven’t fallen into that category.

No word yet on if those will happen, but that means I need both my cameras (“big” and “small”), plus batteries/chargers. Tiny Tripod (tabletop) is a must.

Large tripod….? No.

Monopole…? Probably not.

I have to take the laptop so I can put up at least one post while I’m there, rather than waiting till I get back (thankfully Monday is a holiday, so I can play catch-up).

I may also try Facebook live from my “work” page while I’m there… damned data, though…

Oh, well; sacrifices must be made, I suppose.

Anyway, unless Wizard World announces some last-minute guests between now and Friday, this will be my last pre-show update on this one.

And then, of course, I can start getting ready for Salt Lake’s FanX in a month, lol.

Then Phoenix in May.

And Denver at the end of June…

Have I mentioned I run a podcast, too, lol?

I need more hours!

Oh, good times!

See you this weekend!




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