Humane Society of Utah Adoption Event

Today, the Humane Society of Utah hosted an adoption event in Salt Lake City. As they are a sponsor of the upcoming Salt Lake FanX event, Salt Lake Comic Con organizers arranged to have a presence there, including cosplayers who people could have their pictures taken with, and who graciously posed with some of the animals up for adoption so those photos could be posted online.

I’m going to post a couple of uber-cute pictures of cosplayers and animals, but then I’m going to veer incredibly off-topic because of something that I heard while I was there. And it’s a downer. You’ve been warned.

With that, here’s some photos:



And my favorite of the day: Crewella DeVille and ferret in full Glamour shot mode.

The place was jumping with potential adopters, and I hope that translates into a lot of our furry friends finding forever homes.

Please, if you’re thinking about getting a pet, the Humane Society has an ample and wonderful selection of animals just waiting for you to come and rescue them, and maybe be rescued in return.

Cliché, but true.

Thanks to the cosplayers that took part in today’s event. I didn’t get your names, but if you’d like, let me know who you are and I’ll gladly tag these photos.


The tangent.

While I was there, I overheard an older woman asking who to talk to about making a reward donation.

In case you hadn’t heard, the Utah pet community recently suffered a tragic event when Sage, a beautiful cat from a home north of Salt Lake City, found its way home after being beaten to point of having ribs and legs broken, and being covered in construction adhesive.

Think about that for a second.

If you can.

For the updated, full story, click HERE.

I warn you: if you’re an animal lover, you will be disturbed.

Anyway, this lovely woman wanted to make a donation to the reward for finding Sage’s attacker. “It’s not much,” was what she said. If she hadn’t been obviously upset, I’d have spoken to her, but it seemed like a bad time to intrude.

But her words got me thinking. “It’s not much.”

I don’t know how much “not much” is to that woman. Could be $5, could be $100. I don’t know. But she was ready to give it, just like so many other people have, and continue to do.

Here’s what I know. This event was so heinous, so vile, that people are understandably disturbed, frightened, pissed off, even.

What could possibly be going on in someone’s life that beating the crap out of a cat, and doing everything else that was done to Sage, seem like a good–hell, a non-bad–idea?

How could this possibly seem like an okay thing? To anyone? Animals, be they cats, dogs, ferrets, bunnies, snakes, lizards, birds: they have placed in us their trust, trust that we will care for them, love them, and accept their love in return. Perhaps the purest relationship humanity will ever know, for it seems that we cannot even get along with ourselves, but our pets… our pets have always been the exception, the one thing that makes us all a little more human, in the best possible meaning of the word.

But this… this abomination of an event… this complete disregard for a life, for life

I can’t even fathom. I bawl like a baby when one of my animals reaches the point when their quality of life is such that simply living is too painful for them, and “that trip” to the vet happens.

Hell, I think about bawling when I even think that we’re going to have to take “that trip.”

I freely admit that. It makes me a human being.

But whoever did this… isn’t even human.

I know that someone knows who did this. I hope they have a shred of humanity left that will lead them to do the right thing, and call the police.

Not for the reward. For their soul.



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