Brett Ratner vs Rotten Tomatoes

Brett Ratner has a problem with Rotten Tomatoes.

Especially with the way it treated Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Wow. Who would have thought?

It’s not like he had any skin in that game, or anything.

I suppose he’s right, though. I mean, just because Hollywood makes crappy movies to try to palm off on the unsuspecting viewing public, that doesn’t give a website the right to put all of the critics’ reviews of said film in one spot for that same viewing public to check out before spending their hard-earned money on said crappy movie.

What gives RT the right to do that?

What gives RT the right to sabotage a film’s box office appeal by letting people know what the critics think about a movie?

The nerve.

Next thing you know, authors will be blaming Goodreads for poor sales…

Fucking idiot.

Rotten Tomatoes is a reflection of what the critics are already saying. If more critics liked a movie, the “freshness” score would be higher. Perhaps, and I’m just spit-balling here, so bear with me, but maybe, just maybe, if Hollywood made better movies, you wouldn’t have this problem.

Just a thought.


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