Really Stupid News — OR: Really Stupid People in the News

So…… another Kardashian story in the news.

And don’t give me any shit that Kendall is a Jenner. Even Bruce isn’t even a Jenner (or even a Bruce) anymore; they’re Kardashians. Like some alien fungal spore that infects its host, Kardshiaosis infects individuals and morphs them into just another untalented media whore, desperate to maintain their place in the public (or pubic, depending) eye, allowing them to earn money from sponsors who exploit them at the expense of the mindless sheep who have been conned into thinking those plastic flesh-bags are actually worth the air they consume.

But I digress.

Pepsi released an ad a couple of days ago which caught no end of shit on social media for its insensitivity towards the Black Lives Matter movement, as well as “other protesters” by depicting Kendall Kardashian as foregoing her incredibly shallow life as a fashion model to strip away the trappings of her wealth and join an incredibly well-mannered protest, finally breaking the spirit of the (non riot-gear equipped) police by offering a young, attractive cop a Pepsi.

World Peace.


Do I really need to go any further?

Sometimes it feels like these bastards make this shit up just to cause a controversy, which results in more press than a legitimate ad would.

Which is probably what it is.

Of course, Pepsi quickly pulled the ad and apologized to the public (sure that was sincere, lol), as well as Kendall, for “putting her in this position.”

Yes, because (I’m assuming) she has a mind of her own, and couldn’t possibly have seen how jacked up this was, and how if she was actually the person she purports herself to be, she never would have done the commercial in the first place, once she saw the script.

Jesus Christ, America. This is the kind of shit that makes other countries say, “what happened to America? They used to have their shit together. So sad.”


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