Vindicated (With a Caveat)

In one (very early, very rough) episode of the Visually Stunning Movie Podcast, we lamented that DC and Warner Brothers hadn’t had enough faith in its already well-established and well-loved television universe when it trying to kick-start its cinematic Extended Universe.

Having already established Green Arrow (Arrow), the Flash (The Flash), and countless other heroes and villains in its steadily growing television presence, we could not, for the life of us, figure out why DC and Warner Brothers weren’t exploiting the abundant fan goodwill and simply importing those characters and actors into the film universe.

At one point, I’m fairly certain I blamed (as I so often do) Zack Snyder for the debacle that the DCEU has become between the dour Man of Steel (which I actually enjoyed: not love, but enjoyed) and the abysmal Batman vs Superman (which, clearly, I can’t fucking stand).

Then I struck across the idea of having one of the “Arrow-verse” show-runners put in charge of the DCEU. I suggested the individual who was running The Flash, because I felt like that show was marginally better than Arrow in terms of translating to the big screen while keeping its sense of fun, something the Snyder-verse is woefully lacking.

I couldn’t remember the name, but it turns out I was talking about Greg Berlanti. The have since announced that Berlanti is going to take a more prominent role in the DCEU. So, I kind of feel vindicated on that front, but, while I still think that The Flash is the better show to draw from to invigorate the DCEU, I later found a flaw in my reasoning, lol.

Greg Berlanti, the guy who is running Arrow, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow, was the writer and producer of:

Green Lantern


Yep, that Green Lantern.

I guess you can’t hit a home-run every time up to bat, lol.*

But I look forward to seeing how his leadership influences the DCEU films to come.


*Full disclosure: I don’t mind GL nearly as much as some other people do. Is it great? Nope, but I don’t think the movie is the train-wreck people portray it to be. That costume, however…

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