It’s a Summer of Go-Go-Go in 2017

Hello, all! Just another periodic update on what in the world is going on in the life of your favorite blogger of all things… well, of all things, I suppose.

It’s going to be fairly hectic between now and–I was going to say the end of summer, but really it’s until the end of the year!

This weekend brings a trip down to Texas to see my dad for a medical thing. Upside is I get to see my brothers, but downside is, of course, it’s a medical thing. More to come on that.

Middle of May brings a 4-day road trip for MINIs in Vegas (we’re a Mini Cooper family), followed by a Memorial Day weekend trip to Phoenix Comicon.

End of June takes us back to Las Vegas to see Queen (finally, after catching Boston, Dennis DeYoung, and Styx in the last 12 months… I miss Rush tours.).

The following weekend I jaunt over the mountains to Denver for their Comic Con.

July has a Train concert with my lovely wife, August a Green Day show with my daughter: the fulfillment of a years-old promise to her.

September brings us back to Comic Con, this time back home in Salt Lake City.

End of October, and hopefully another trip back to Los Angeles for Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con and a couple of days at Disneyland!

That would be pretty busy by itself, but it doesn’t even count movie screenings, podcast recordings, editing work, and trying to do some writing in there, as well. I’m even trying to attend my first Salt Lake Gaming Convention in there…

Not too bad, all things considered.

How’s your year shaping up? I hope you’re doing all the things you want to do. If you’re not enjoying your life, what’s the point?

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