The Mighty Emmet

So, for no reason I can figure, I was thinking about The Lego Movie and I got to thinking: why was Emmet the very best builder in the Lego world? The best of the best, even among the Master Builders? Why?

Lego Movie poster

Well, think about it. Clearly, it takes very little effort for all of Emmet’s co-workers and fellow Lego-town denizens to simply get up, go about their day, and do nothing but follow the instructions without thinking or questioning them.

One would assume, then, that being a Master Builder must put one at the other end of the spectrum: that creativity and uniqueness would require a force of will and determination unlike anything the lowly Lego-bots could fathom.

But what if that’s not true? What if being a master Builder is no different from being a “normal” Lego person, such as Emmet is presented to us as being?

What if Emmet is actually unique among Lego people precisely because he is the way he is, caught between the banality of normal Lego folk and the effortlessness of the Master Builders?

And for the Master Builders it is effortless for them to do what they do. It simply is who they are, and requires no special effort for them to do the things they do.

Emmet, on the other hand, has to struggle, not only to fulfill his role in the prophesy, but simply to exist in the world in which he has spent his life: the “normal” Lego world.

And it’s that need for him to struggle, to work hard, to break free of the self-imposed prison of conflicting blandness and creativity he has confined himself to that places him above all the other Master Builders.

So, yeah. That pretty much sums it up.

Pointless, I know.


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