Salt Lake Comic Con 2017 First Guest Announcements

Well, this is going to be fairly short, since I’m getting ready to hit the hay before getting up and starting a fun-filled 4-day road trip with the missus across Nevada.

SLCC16 LOGO-indigo

This morning, Dan Farr and Bryan Brandenburg held a press conference at the Utah State Capital Rotunda to announce the first round of guests for this September’s Salt Lake Comic Con.

And for this, our FIFTH full-fledged Comic Con (and NINTH event overall), they didn’t disappoint. Check out this line-up:


Timothy Zahn, Jim Butcher, Patrick Rothfuss, Brandon Sanderson, Kami Garcia, Margaret Stohl, and EK Johnston.

Comic Creators:

Camilla d’Errico, Joe Rubenstein, Brian Pulido, JP Roth, Eric Basuldua, and Dawn McTeigue.

And Celebrity Guests:

Val Kilmer, Michael Rooker, Michael Rosenbaum, John Barrowman, Wil Wheaton, Catherine Tate, Jewel Staite, Sean Gunn, Corbin Bernsen, Will Friedle, Christopher Lloyd, and Thomas F. Wilson.

A lot of these guest (from all categories) have been on the fans’ wish lists and topped the various polls Bryan loves to run on social media, so it’s fantastic when the fans’ perseverance is recognized by the organizers of the event and rewarded with the hard work we all know goes into lining up someone to appear.

It’s also fantastic that so many different fandoms are already being represented in this guest list.

More guest announcements will follow, of course. Though not even on the website yet, Dan also confirmed the appearance of Eion Macken (Merlin), which brought joy to a great many fans of that show who have long advocated (read: harassed, lol) them for members of that cast to be included.

Bryan, not to be outdone, also announced that they have a Star Wars guest lined up, as well. A Big One. One could assume he means Peter Mayhew, everyone’s favorite wookie.

We shall see.

Till then, geek on, everyone, and we’ll see you in September!


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