Holy cow, everyone; it’s been a busy week for me, so bear with me as I play a bit of catch-up.

First, let me just say that I took a well-deserved break with the missus to Las Vegas last weekend for a 4 day MINI Cooper event with the lovely folks that run that branch of MINI-dom.


A good time was had, though there was a necessary amount of driving involved, which is to be expected when a bunch of go-cart owners get together, lol. Didn’t take any technology but my phone, which was a nice change of pace, but kept me from the blog.


Home 30 hours ago, went to the day job today, and played catch-up on that work. (Not my first choice, but it does pay the bills!)

Home tonight and prepping for a “business” trip to Phoenix this weekend to cover Phoenix Comicon.


Flying Thursday morning, so I’m getting my duckies in a row for that, making sure I have cameras, recorders, batteries, laptops updated, etc.


Also trying to pack for 95-100 degree weather, which we haven’t had here in Utah yet. No even close, actually.



But, the goal is to have another fiction fragment posted tomorrow for your enjoyment, along with anything else that strikes my fancy between now and Thursday morning that I actually have time to accomplish.

I plan to spend some time while in Phoenix writing, so you should have some of that to look forward to, in addition to the event coverage I plan to do (read: obligated, lol: happily, of course!).

I anticipate a fun-filled, if not blazingly hot, weekend, filled with sight and sound and color and fun.

I will try my best to pass some of that along to you.

But, for now, I ask your indulgence as I perform my Tony-award worthy imitation of a chicken with its head cut off.

Headless chicken

Sleep well.


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