Denver Comic Con 2017 **Update**

Hey, all!

Now that we’re past Phoenix Comicon, it’s time to shift focus to the upcoming Denver Comic Con at the end of June.

In light of all that happened in Phoenix, the folks out in Denver have issued the following Public Service Announcement.

If you’re a con-goer, have a read so you’re prepared.

If you’re considering going, but are concerned: DON’T BE. Everything will be okay, it may take a little extra time to get in the doors first thing in the morning, is all.

More commentary below the PSA.


DCC’17 PSA: NEW ENTRY LOCATION, SINGLE REGISTRATION LOCATION, AND BAG/PROP CHECKS FOR 2017! Hey DCCers, we have three big changes involving entry this year, so please read this post carefully! You can send questions to

First: The main entrance for the con has changed this year, and will be at the “Bellco Theater Entrance” on the SPEER BOULEVARD side of the Convention Center.

Second: There will be only one Registration location (where you go to exchange your tickets for badges, or to buy new tickets) this year. The single Registration area will be in the Lower B Lobby on the Welton Street side of the Convention Center. Note that we’ve had a Registration area in this location each year of the con.

Third: Our security team will be doing bag and prop checks this year for everyone’s safety. We will begin the entry process earlier than in past years because of the increased time required for checks. The exact opening time will be announced in the coming weeks. There will be two entry lines, one for people who have bags or props, and one for those who don’t. Full disclosure: The line for bag and prop check will be much slower than the other line, so if you want to get in as fast as possible, leave your bags and props at home.

So, we all might have to put a little more pre-planning into our days, but overall, I expect the experience to be enjoyable. But I will certainly let you know if it isn’t. I’m nothing if not brutally honest in my coverage, lol, as other cons could attest to if they cared to.

Regardless, I’ll be there, ready and able to open my bag and endure what are sure to still be large crowds. I hope you all can join me. Give me a shout, and we’ll go to one of the events Friday or Saturday night!

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