Salt Lake vs San Diego, the Final Chapter.

As we speak, Dan Farr and Bryan Brandenburg (co-founders of Salt Lake Comic Con) are in San Diego, California, for the final go at settling the ridiculous lawsuit brought against them by Comic Con International, the owning organization of San Diego Comic Con.

SLCC16 LOGO-indigo                         CCILogo-R_Large.png

Since the beginning, it has been easy, as a fan, to dismiss this lawsuit on its face. I mean, how can the phrase “comic con” be in dispute? It’s silly. That phrase is simply a descriptor. I mean, how else is one supposed to refer to such an event? It’s such a common phrase, one in use not just by Salt Lake, but by countless others, including New York, Denver, and Emerald City, just to name a few of the larger ones (not to mention the countless smaller events around the country or even around the world) that it’s incomprehensible to think of calling it anything else.

You get the point. It would be akin to asking the courts to allow the copyrighting of the words “farmer’s market,” forcing everyone to say, “I’m going to run to the Grower’s Swap Meet this weekend.”

Would anyone care to join me at the “Firearms Display and Purchase Extravaganza?”

It boggles the mind.

So I wish Dan and Bryan the very best as they fight, not only for Salt Lake’s right to have a “comic con,” but the right of every community which shares the love for all things pop culture that San Diego claims to represent and be dedicated to preserving to have their own “comic con.”

And if the folks at San Diego feel that I’m somehow misrepresenting their dedication to the fans, I invite them to have me down and show me, prove me wrong. Make it clear that this isn’t some sort of simple money-grab effort, but a legitimate show for the fans.

Because if it’s not for the fans, then they’re got no right to use that phrase.

Let them call it an “Industry Exposition and Marketing Conference.”

Rolls right off the tongue, doesn’t it?



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