16 June 2017 – Denver Comic Con Update


Well, we’re two weeks out from Denver Comic Con 2017, and the cancellation bug has struck again.

Sadly, Eliza Dushku has had to cancel her appearance at Denver Comic Con this year, which sucks for all of her fans. Luckily for those in the Rocky Mountain area, she is now scheduled to be at Salt Lake Comic Con in September for those that can make the trip.

The incredible Stanley Tucci has had to cancel his appearance at Denver, as well. This one hits pretty close to home, as I had already been tasked to stop by his table, whether I wanted to or not (NOTE: I did, because Stanley Tucci, duh). Maybe he can be convinced to swing by Salt Lake City this September, as well? We shall see.

However, Denver has pulled out a pretty good addition to help balance out this double-whammy of cancellation:

DCC17 - Famke Janssen

The great and powerful Famke Janssen has been added to the line-up, so all you X-Men/Jean Grey and 007/Xenia Onatopp fans get ready for this. She is a SATURDAY ONLY guest, though, so don’t dilly-dally about ordering your photo-ops, because I suspect they’ll go pretty quickly.

And for all you Whovians,

DCC17 - Catherine Tate

they’ve added Catherine Tate, boon companion of The Doctor. She will be there on Saturday and Sunday, but I’m sure her photo-ops will sell out, too.

Speaking of ordering your photo-ops, click HERE to go to the pre-order page.

More news to come, including some more workings behind the scenes to add still more great guests to the line-up, so stay tuned.



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