Ever been to Coventry?

Everyone knows by now–or should know–that I love me a good comic con. I’ve been to cons in Salt Lake, LA, Vegas, Portland, Phoenix, Denver, Dallas, Houston, and even a teeny-tiny inaugural event in little San Angelo, Texas.

And they are, all of them, great, especially when the community is really excited about them.

With that in mind, I wanted to bring people’s attention to another convention trying to get its feet under it: Coventry Comic Con.


Yes, that would be Coventry, England. You know, here:


I’ve been offering words of encouragement and some fan-based advise to organizer Jeff Cummings, and I think that, for an inaugural event, he’s doing some interesting things.

Check out the website, and if you find yourself on that side of the pond and fancy a trip to the area, check out Coventry Comic Con, and support that little spark of geekiness that exists inside all of us.

If all goes well (which I think it will), I may have to make a trip over there for the 2nd Coventry Comic Con and check out my English brothers’ and sisters’ take on the convention scene.

Until next time, keep your geek flag flying high!


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