The Triumph of Hope

**yes, this is a bit sappy, but what do you expect this early on a Saturday morning?**

I was up just after 5 this morning, as is normal for me, and after doing some housekeeping on various webpages, I turned on the TV and watched most of the Ron Howard/Russell Crowe film, Cinderella Man.

I was reminded, as James J. Braddock beat Max Baer for the Heavyweight title, of the power of symbols, of examples…

…of Hope.

I was reminded of how, though it may seem the entire universe is arrayed against us, its forces perfectly aligned to stand in the way of any goal, either personal or societal, that eventually there will come a light, a beacon, a ray of Hope to remind us that humanity is not defined by what we face, but by how we face it.

Whether or not our response is successful or not, it is that act of response that truly defines who we are, both as individuals and as a species. It is the unwillingness of the homo sapiens to stand idly by and say, “I will do nothing, I will accept, I will simply abide.”

Instead, it is that bit of what remains of the reptilian brain within us, that fight or flight instinct, that so often drives the reasoning brain we have evolved to say, “No, I will not run, I will stand, here and now, for this.”

And then, as one person stands and says “no,” then, too, does another, and another, reminded by that first soul of all humanity is capable of, of all it has evolved into. No longer just a frightened beast, but a complete, living, rational creature, with the ability to not simply bluntly and blindly resist, but to reason their way forward. To combine their efforts. to become greater than the sum of their individual attributes.


Hope that it was possible to defeat the most difficult tasks against the natural world.

Hope that crossing the Atlantic Ocean was possible. Hope that curing Polio was possible. Hope that travelling to the moon was possible.

Hope that defeating the worst that mankind itself could summon was possible.


Not only to fight against something, but for something, as well. Fighting every day to put food on table for one’s family. Fighting to provide a role model for their children, to give them something to strive toward, something better than was has come before.



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