Amazing weekend incoming

It’s amazing how things work out sometimes. A few months ago, the wife and I decided to go to Las Vegas to see the Queen + Adam Lambert show. That trip is now only 2 days away.

But, as it turns out, that’s no longer all we’re doing down there.

The Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con is going on this weekend, as well.


Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con.png

So, it appears we will be going to that this weekend, as well, and I’ll be writing it up for you all to read about.

Not a bad development for what was supposed to be a nice, relaxing, weekend concert getaway, lol.

This will be the fourth con I will be covering this year (so far), having already been to Wizard Con Portland, Salt Lake’s FanX, and Phoenix Comicon. Add to that the fact I  will be covering Denver Comic Con next weekend, along with Salt Lake Comic Con in September, and likely Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con in October (with a bonus stay for Disneyland, lol), and that’s a pretty cool year, no matter how you slice it.

And that’s assuming nothing else pops up between now and then. Oh, like me just remembering I’ll also be covering the Salt Lake Gaming Con in July.

As I said, it’s Amazing how things work out sometimes, isn’t it?

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