A Weekend in Vegas…

We love to travel at my house. We do. We go places, see things… not necessarily the same things or places as other people, but hey, to each their own, right?

We’ve often arrived at our destination early, before the hotel’s standard check-in time, but rarely do we have a problem getting a room immediately, or with a minimal wait.

But we had an experience this past weekend that was absolutely the worst. Which really sucked, by the way, because we were staying at the Tropicana, which we love, and have had exactly ZERO problems with in the past.

We flew into Las Vegas on Friday for the Queen + Adam Lambert concert (a post on that will be coming soon) on Saturday night, and we planned on attending the Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con on Friday afternoon and Saturday before the show.

Landed and reached the hotel at 1pm. Check-in is at three. Normally no problem, but was told rooms were still being cleaned, but it shouldn’t be long before we could get in. They checked us in, gave us keys (but no room number so we couldn’t go up. Clever.), and said they would call us when the room was ready and give us the room number at that time.

So we gave our bags to the Bellman and went to grab a bite to eat while waiting out the hoped-for short amount of time until our room was ready.

Two o’clock. Nothing. Two-thirty I called the front desk and was told that the room “should” be ready by three. Three-fifteen rolls around. I call again. Still not ready.

We say “fuck it,” and grab the monorail down to the convention center and check in for comic con and spend a couple of hours there. While we’re there, I get a call at 4:26 telling me our room is still not ready, but that if I come by the front desk, they’ll give us a new room.

So, around six-ish, we head back to the hotel, get our new room keys, pick up our luggage, and relax before heading out to another thing we had planned for that night.

Look, I get not being able to check in before the actual check-in time, but to still not have a room ready an hour and a half after check-in time is unacceptable.

Sorry, but that one’s been bothering me all weekend.

On the upside, the con was pretty cool.

Back to your lives, citizens.

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