Denver Comic Con, Day Zero.

Yep. Tomorrow is the day. Denver Comic Con 2017 kicks off at 10 am. My flight lands in Denver at 9:30, so I’ll probably roll in about 11 o’clock or so.


Just a reminder for everyone about Denver Comic Con (DCC), before coverage of this year’s event starts tomorrow:

Since its inaugural event in 2012, they’ve grown from ~27k to ~114k attendees last year. Won’t be surprised if they hit 120k this year (so look out, Salt Lake Comic Con).

Like Salt Lake Comic Con, it’s one of the few independently owned comic cons of this size in the country, and is considered a boon to the local economy, with roughly 75% of its vendors being Colorado locals, with lots of support for local artists, as well.

DCC considers itself an educational event, not just an entertainment event (which it is, too). over 10k square feet of floor space is set aside for the “Lab,” where younger fans can go and learn about art, comics, film, and listen to many of their favorite artists and personalities.

They also include a game development area, where Colorado-based game companies show off new and developmental projects (both board games and video games).

DCC also hosts a literary conference during the event, where people can actually earn graduate credits while learning how to bring pop-culture to the classroom.

Oh, and lest we forget, they partner with a local brewery to develop a distinctive new beer each year, with a naming contest for the fans. This year’s winning concoction?

I am Brewt

(Salt Lake Comic Con: this needs to happen.)

So I’m looking forward to attending and covering DCC starting tomorrow, but I wanted to take a moment and remind everyone out there that these events can–and do–offer much more than just the opportunity to shoulder your way through stalls of pre-packaged merch (although that can be fun, too) or try to grab an autograph from a celebrity (also fun), but they can educate and bring us together in ways we might not expect.

See you tomorrow, Denver. I’ll do my best to give you the coverage you deserve (as if I could not try…).


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