Salt Lake Gaming Con 2017 – Day 2 – Battle!

Here’s a little bit of video fun showing what types of battles went down at this weekend’s Salt Lake Gaming Con.

I’ll be honest, I’d never been to a gaming convention. There’s a couple of reasons for this:

A) Because of all the other stuff on my plate (this blog, the podcast [], my writing, and covering a bunch of events like this, just to name a few), I don’t really have time to game. Any game: tabletop, video, CCG… none of it.

B) Games and gaming systems are expensive, lol. My cash gets tied up in other places… (but if Sony wants to throw a refurb PS4 my way, lol)

C) I suck at most of the games today. Multi-axis, first-person shooters… no way. I’ll play an RPG-type game, no problem, but the Halos, Overwatches, etc… Nope; they’re beyond me.

But I remember what it was like when I was an avid RPG player… Oh, the bliss.

Anyway, check out this video with some of the various combats going on at Salt Lake Gaming Con 2017.

See you at SLGC 2018!


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