“New Bits” pt 8

I’m finally able to get back to this, so here’s a few hundred more words for you to chew on. I jumped forward in time from the previous installment a bit, and now our heroes (?) find themselves in a bit of a pickle, and Jimmy winds up in a familiar situation.


And remember: Likes, Shares, and Comments are all welcome.

“Christ, Jules!” I shouted above the sound of incoming gunfire. “What the hell did you say to those guys?”

The look she shot my way was deadlier than any of the lead hurtling through the air around us.

“I swear to God, Jimmy, once we get out of this, you and I are going to go ‘round.”

The urge to respond with yet another push of her buttons was almost undeniable. Almost. I opted for candor as a change of pace.

“If we get through this,” I said, popping off a couple wild shots of my own around the corner of the dumpster in the direction of the three surly gentlemen at the end of the alleyway, “I won’t even argue about it.”

Jules snapped off a couple shots from her side of the dumpster, and I heard one of our attackers cry out, just as the incoming lead levels dropped by a third.

“Nice shot.”

“Maybe if you hit the range once in a while.”

“I’m a great shot, I’ll have you know,” I said, desperate to defend my—well, honor was probably a stretch, but pride, perhaps.

I leaned out from my cover just as the largest of the two remaining men peeked up from his own barricade—a rusted-out Chevy from the looks of it. Quickly sighting, I let loose a single shot, taking him just below his left eye, spinning him to the ground.

“How’s that work for you?”

“If it showed up more than once a month, it’d work fine for me.” She popped off a couple more rounds before realizing the incoming fire had ceased.

Wary of a trap, I snuck a glance around the dumpster, only to find our third pursuer had apparently fled. He’d left his buddies’ bodies, though. Two pairs of legs stuck out from behind the car where they’d fallen.

“I think we’re clear to move,” I said, turning back to look at Jules.

I barely had time to lean out of the full impact of her fist before the back of my head impacted the dumpster with crash. I tasted the blood of my lip where her blow had cut it open.

“I told you we were going to go ‘round on this.”

“Fuck, Julth,” I said—apparently, I’d bit my tongue, as well. “Ith not my fault thoth guyth knew why we were here.”

She cocked her fist back again but didn’t release it. Instead, she glared at me for a moment before turning on her heel and strode away.

“Let’s get out of here before the LEOs show up. I don’t want to explain those two bodies, do you?”

I spit some blood and got some feeling back in my tongue as I stood up. I glanced back at the bodies as I took a step after Jules.

“Hell, no,” I said to myself.

I caught up to Jules, still wiping at my lip, and wondering to myself how much blood I’d lost at Jules’ hand since I’d joined the Division.



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