DC Cinema, The Future, and The Batfleck

Well, I haven’t read any of the reports coming out of SDCC, but boy, howdy, who needs to? There’s enough headlines and exposition from media to get down to brass tacks. So here’s my 2 cents.

DC, on the heels of it undeniably most successful entry, Wonder Woman, in it nascent interconnected cinematic universe, is openly discussing pulling a DC.

Which, if you don’t know what that means, is snatching Defeat from the jaws of Victory. Yes, Ben Affleck, whose portrayal of Batman/Bruce Wayne in Batman vs. Superman was either loved or hated by fans, previously stepped down as director of The Batman, the next standalone film for the Dark Knight.

Matt Reeves, hot off his Planet of the Apes successes, steps in to helm the film, and all seems right with the world.

Then, Zach Snyder steps away from Justice League to handle his family tragedy, leaving Joss Whedon in place to reportedly “tidy up” the post-production of that film, with only a few, previously-planned re-shoots to do. No big deal.

Then we learn that there may be months–MONTHS–of re-shoots that are more extensive than we had been lead to believe scheduled for Justice League. The progress DC has made with Wonder Woman’s film and the generally not-negative reaction to the JL trailers has just been effectively undercut.

Then we learn Matt Reeves has shit-canned Ben Affleck’s script for The Batman is starting over from square one. Ben Affleck has an Oscar for screenwriting. How bad was that script, I can’t help but wonder? Regardless, now The Batman is looking like it’s on shaky ground, except that Matt Reeves has some positivity behind him right now, so that helps, right?

**Edit: Affleck has confirmed he will be Batman at SDCC17.**

Now it seems that Ben Affleck might not be The Batman anymore. Even for the standalone film. Is Whedon going to re-tool the end of JL, kill Bruce Wayne, and introduce Nightwing as his replacement? Are Whedon and Reeves already discussing how the story for the “new” The Batman is going to play out so JL can be tweaked accordingly?

What the hell, DC?

I can only hope that, at this point, you have decided to give either Joss Whedon or Matt Reeves control of your cinematic universe, but frankly, how little confidence did you have in what you already had cooking that you have to be blowing it up like this?

I suddenly have less hope for JL than I did, despite Whedon’s involvement. I’ll still see it, and hope that I am pleasantly surprised by how it turns out, but frankly DC, this is why you’re losing:

Because you don’t know how to win.

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