Random thoughts of the day…

Just a few random bits of argle-bargle that ran through my brain this morning

1) Charlize Theron is not the next James Bond. Did you even SEE Atomic Blonde?
2) Game of Thrones continues to show why people either love it or hate it…often in the same 30 second span.
3) RE: Donald Trump’s tweet this morning: Why aren’t people focusing on making Congress use “our” healthcare instead of arguing about them “repealing/replacing/fixing” what’s already in place? Seems like a more worthwhile fight to have, really.
4) The “comic con” industry is getting pretty crowded. I’ve got 3 more coming up, with a possible visit to a 4th while on an unrelated vacation. Will we reach “peak geek?”
5) Thor: Ragnarok will be better than Justice League, but not by much. I think I’ve made my feelings clear about Thor movies in the past, so this means a lot.
6) I hope James McAvoy’s performance in Split doesn’t get forgotten about come awards season.


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