Fandemic Tour Houston 2017

Yes, I’m going.

To the first(?) Fandemic Tour in beautiful Houston, Texas.

As I reported previously, Fandemic Tour is the new comic con event on the block. Despite the added strain to my already over-burdened travel budget for the year, I found a way to make it work, so the failure of my half-hearted attempt at GoFundMe isn’t a deal-breaker.

To that end, thank you, Southwest Airlines, and your points. I paid for the round trip flight with points, so that saved me around/over $400. Downside to that is I get to (have to) fly through two airports I’ve never been to: Dallas-Love and Houston-Hobby. Upside is that I’m going at all, and get to see if this event will live up to the excitement indicated by its very impressive guest list.

Now, however, I have two other problems:

First, how do I spend what’s left of my budget and maximize my photo-op/autograph opportunities? I’ve got a couple must-haves, but there’s just so many great guests, and:

Second, how long do I wait before inquiring again about a yea/nay on media credentials? I hate to harass, but an event like this is just begging to have that pass around my neck so I can have a shot at five, three, two minutes of time with some of these guests.

Other than that, I’m looking forward to an exciting trip, putting all thoughts of last year’s not-so-great trip to Houston out of my mind (hopefully never to return), and maybe being able to squeeze in some time with some old Texas friends while I’m down there.

We shall see, and I shall keep you updated.

Happy Friday, everyone!


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