T-Minus 6 days to Salt Lake Comic Con 2017

Well, this event certainly has snuck up on me, despite my best efforts to keep ahead of it.

SLCC16 LOGO-indigo

The fifth annual Salt Lake Comic Con starts next Thursday, and even though I’ve got my tickets, photo ops, cosplays, etc., all done, I feel like I’m missing something.

Let’s try to do a brief catch-up and see if I can figure out what I’m missing.

Another year, and another stellar line-up has been put together by Dan and Bryan: Dick Van Dyke, Val Kilmer, Jon Bernthal, Elodie Yung, Elijah Wood, Stephen Amell, John Cusack, Catherine Tate, Gates McFadden, Willa Holland, Wil Wheaton…

Look, I’m not going to re-litigate how some people may or may not feel about the guest list in its entirety; Top to bottom, this list of guests has something for everyone.

Personally, I have photo ops with Dick Van Dyke, John and Joan Cusack, Michael Rooker, the cast of Arrow, and Elodie Yung. I may grab some autographs, as well, but I normally take those as the opportunities present themselves (though Nolan North is kind of peeking my interest, after his involvement in ConMan, with Alan Tudyk).

I do, however, want to attend more panels this time, and not necessarily spend most of the weekend on the vendor floor. Not that the vendors don’t have great stuff (and the artists, too!), but there are only so many funko pops you can look at, or Hogwarts robes, or Doctor Who sonic screwdrivers, before the prospect of sitting and listening to a celebrity tell possibly off-color stories (looking at you, John Barrowman) or make a fan’s dream come true, or visit a smaller room with a group of folks passionate about a topic you also enjoy.

The point is, I suppose, to find new and different ways to experience comic con, not just for the celebrity interactions (but they’re GREAT!), but to learn more about something you’re already passionate about, or–better yet–something you had no idea you’d like at all!

I guess I need to really kind of get my act together at this point. I’m just not feeling mentally ready for con right now, and that’s unusual for me. I’m excited, but not super excited, like bouncing off the walls excited, just… ready, I guess.

Come on, Mark… get your head in the game.

See you all Thursday.

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