Day 1 of Salt Lake Comic Con 2017 (5 am)

Well, Salt Lake Comic Con 2017 already has its first celebrity casualty: Dick Van Dyke, whom fans had lobbied for a long time to have attend, has cancelled his photo ops and panel, and will instead only be signing autographs.

That email was released last night at approximately 10:30, and greeted my blurry eyes a half hour ago when my alarm woke me up (I forgot to turn it off). Having already purchased a photo-op with the aforementioned Dick Van Dyke, I hurriedly logged in and changed it to an autograph.

At least my wife will get to say more than 2 words to him now, instead of the normal rush through the photo-op process, so that’s something.

However, I can already predict the rumblings from those who spent more on the “Superfan” package (who are being given options for the change of availability, as well).

Maybe that’s just the cynic in me, I don’t know. Maybe it’s just that I have seen it so many times before, with so many celebrities, fans, and events, that I’m just used to it being that way. Someone has to complain, really complain, about an event outside of anyone’s control.

Regardless, let me just say that it’s incredible that Dick Van Dyke is A) healthy enough to be able to travel to various events and engage with his fans, and B) willing to travel to various events and engage with his fans, and I’ll be happy to see him, regardless.

More later. For now, it’s time to wake up and get ready to head south to the Salt Palace and enjoy some good, solid, geeky fun for the next 3 days.

See you all there!

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