Human nature?

I wonder lately–often, in fact–what it is about politics that makes people so crazy. I wonder, but can find no explanation for it, except for human nature. I have made some observations, though…

  • People say they want no religion to intrude upon their politics, when what they mean is they don’t want someone else’s religion to intrude.
  • Religion, of course, really means whatever an individual believes deeply in their heart. Or, if we’re talking politicians, what their fund-raisers/donors place deeply in their wallets.
  • The Constitution, when used against an issue, is a “living document.” When cited in support of a position, it is the “law of the land,” and no longer open to challenge.
  • It seems nobody has yet learned the cardinal rule of human nature, which is that the surest way to fortify opposition to your opinions, right or wrong, is to call the opposing party stupid, or mean, or otherwise insult, while meaning it intensely. I have yet to uncover a single case of a political argument being solved by name-calling or insults.

Therefore, I can only conclude that human beings, despite being the most intellectually developed creatures on the planet, are still bound by the same instinctual stupidity they have borne in their DNA since the time of the Cro-Magnon, when only the basest of tribal behaviors could protect a single family unit from utter destruction by larger mammals or larger tribal groups, all fighting for limited resources.

If was to put a name to this phenomenon, especially since I am not otherwise trying to  convince anyone of any specific political argument, I would have to call it simply:

“People Suck.”

And until People no longer Suck, I fear we will be trapped in an endless cycle on the hamster wheel of discord and tragedy.

But what do I know? I’m not an anthropologist or political science.

I’m just a writer.

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