Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con 2017 – Day 1

Here starts coverage of this year’s iteration of Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con.


As in previous years, today was a travel day for me, flying in from Salt Lake City to attend for the 5th straight year. And, as is usual, nothing much differs in air travel from point to point, unless, of course, something overtly dramatic happens.

Turns out, today at the car rental agency (which shall remain nameless, because I use them all the time), it was so busy they were handing out numbers rather than standing people in line. I was 50-plus people deep, and folks just kept showing up. Wound up with a free upgrade. No economy car for me, nope: Mustang.

So that’s cool.

Anyway, got to the hotel and took the incredibly convenient train up to the convention center and got in about an hour after the doors opened.

I may have mentioned this once or twice in previous years’ coverage, but I really love how chill this event feels. It’s like Californians are just terminally stoned and completely laid back. Busy but not crowded, the floor is fairly easy to move around, and only the predictably popular attractions have lines of any consequence to them.

Always on that list is the Hot Topic booth, with its selection of event exclusive Funko Pop! figures.

Needless to say, we didn’t even think about getting in that line today. I do want to try to get my hands on the exclusive Kevin Smith Pop!, though.

Unusually, there were no celebrities scheduled for today, which made it a perfect day to wander the vendor and artist areas and do some shopping.

Yep, a chunk of change was spent today, lol, but that’s okay. That’s half the fun of coming to these events. (Thanks to Camilla d’Errico for the sketch in the books of hers we purchased for our daughter.)

Celebrate your geekdom. Let it fly high and proud!

Tomorrow begins some panel coverage, stopping by some celebrity tables for myself, and grabbing some autographs for the kiddo, who unfortunately couldn’t make the trip out this year.

Hopeful to get some good footage of Katee Sackhoff, Scott Bakula, and Chloe Bennet’s panels, along with at least one of Stan Lee’s panels, of course. Will likely grab some photos of cosplayers for you all, if they’re really exceptional. Saw a few Harley Quinns today, but not as many as in previous events of the last 2 years of course.

But now, after a long day of flying, driving, and walking, it’s time for a rest.

Catch you in the morning. Watch for some twitter content, and maybe some Facebook live, depending on what I find or who I run into.

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