Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con 2017 – day 2

In the immortal words of that great DC Comics anti-hero, Rorschach (Watchmen): “Hrrm.”

I’m not sure I’m in the mood to actually write this up tonight, but I suppose I must.

You’ll see why I feel this way in a moment.

I was, as of yesterday, very high on this event once again, having apparently pushed aside my negativity after last year’s issues (here).

Well, today those issues reared their ugly heads once again.

Let’s start with communication. This year, the event offered up a VIP pass, which brings it in line with most other conventions. today those folks were supposed to get in at 9:30 (with GA folks following at 10 am).

That didn’t happen.

Then, as the 10 o’clock hour crept upon us, this guy:


was flipping his shit about the professionals and press gathered outside this particular set of doors. Not sure what his problems was, but again, there seems to be an appalling lack of understanding what to do with press and media folks.

Just let us do our jobs (which you graciously granted us access to do, by the way), which is take pictures and video, interview folks, and generally rev up excitement for your event. Give us someplace to charge our batteries, write up articles, and maybe some decent POVs to shoot said photos and videos during celebrity panels.

Don’t treat us like whatever this guy was thinking we all were.

The ridiculous line management–woefully inadequate last year–repeated itself this year, when for some reason the organizers couldn’t speed up the process for redeeming pre-purchased autographs and photo-ops. If a visitor buys a photo-op on line and receives a QR code, shouldn’t that be enough to get through the photo experience?

It works for Epic Photo-Ops, but Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con doesn’t use Epic, they use another company, which shall remain unnamed.

But it rhymes with Wolf Studios out of Texas.

Several guests were requiring tickets to be purchased for their autographs, which meant someone couldn’t just walk up to the table, greenbacks in hand, and get an autograph.

Cash was no good.

Seriously? Whatever.

Regardless, the lines to redeem and/or purchase were hours long as the day began, finally tapering off by 2-ish in the afternoon.


I managed, however, to get the three autographs for my daughter she was looking for: Johnny Cruz, Lucie Pohl, and Keith Silverstein, voice actors from the video game Overwatch. Took me all of 5 minutes.

Cash is king. And I even delivered some of my daughter’s art to Lucie and Johnny. They seemed to like them:

Speaking of celebrity panels (we weren’t, but…), the main stage area was, for all intents and purposes, a joke. Limited seating (off to the side, for ADA?) and a very small amount of floorspace, open to the main floor, with the noise of 50,000 of your closest friends shopping to drown out the stage-dwellers. But I got a few photos of Katee Sackhoff, Chloe Bennet (with pop-up guest Gabriel Luna), Drew Carey, and Scott Bakula during their respective panels. Only a small snippet of video from Bakula and Donald P Bellisario’s panel on Quantum Leap (I’ll post that later, maybe).


Disappointing. As was the fact there was no place to set up a tripod for video that wasn’t going to get run over by the aforementioned crowds of uncontrolled people.

Oh, and let’s not forget they scheduled Chloe Bennet’s photo op for 1:45. Her panel ran from 1:30 to 2:15. And they held people in the photo queue starting at 1:45.

What’s up with that?

So tomorrow is the last day. We’ll see how I’m feeling by the end of it all.

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